Is my swelling normal? (Photo)

I had my BR 9/16. The following week, I tried on one of my old bras-it was a D and fit perfectly. I was swollen at that point as expected but since then, I continue to swell! Last week I fit into a DDD. My breast tissue is extremely sore and they feel so heavy. Even my nipples have stretched because of the swelling! My PS says that it's normal and to take ibruprofen but it's not helping. He didn't do drains. The first picture is the day of the BR and the 2nd picture is from 10/2. Is this normal?

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Is the swelling normal?

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Dear Cbails,

Thank you for your pictures. It appears that you're about two weeks from your breast reduction. You still have swelling at this point. Most of the swelling in my opinion typically resolves around three months after surgery. I would reevaluate your breast size at that point.

Best wishes

Post op swelling

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Post operatively swelling is expected. Based on your photos it doesn't appear that you have swelling related to a hematoma or bleeding.

Most plastic surgeons don't use drains after a breast reduction.

You are still in the healing phase. Consult with your plastic surgeon. Your team has done a nice job.

Be patient.

Kimberly A. Henry, MD
Greenbrae Plastic Surgeon


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It is likely that there is some swelling that is still present 2 weeks after your surgery.  Not all surgeons use drains for their breast reduction patients.  I would defer to your PS as you seem to be in good hands.  

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