Could my 4 year old still get Botox in her right calf while being on Bactrim to treat a toe infection (right toe)? (photo)

My 4 year old daughter gets Botox every 3 months in her right calf muscle area to help with tone in her right ankle due to mild cerebral palsy. She stubbed her right toe and it got infected. She is taking Bactrim to treat it. Botox is scheduled for Monday. She will have been on Bactrim for 5 days. She will need to take it for 5 more days. Can she still get the Botox? Is it safe?

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Best to wait until the infection resolves before introducing Botox in that area.

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Thank you for the question. Best to wait until the infection resolves before introducing Botox in that area. Consult your injecting physician for a full analysis of the medical history and present condition. 


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Botox cannot be administered if there is local infection

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Botox should not be injected in the extremity for cerebral palsy or any other medical condition if there is an infection. 

Botox in 4 year old with an acute infection of a big toe

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This is a complex question with many things to consider.  The use of botox for this indication is beyond the scope of this forum.

The injection of botox in an area remote from an isolated infection would not be absolutely contraindicated.  But, given that botox injections are not very time sensitive, it is practical to defer treatment until one is healthy.

Best wishes.

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