What can be done about my belly? (Photo)

i had my second son and my stomache fat stayed but after my first son it went back to how it was before having him now i'm a ugly mom and can't wear certain clothes because of my nasty belly and i cry

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Abdominoplasty including a Belt Lipectomy

The answer to your question depends
on your overall health and weight. An extended abdominoplasty will remove all
of the skin and subcutaneous tissue from the umbilicus to the pubic area. The
muscle and fascia will also be tightened in the midline and also oblique
direction. Ideally, a “belt” lipectomy would include the above plus extending
it all the way to the midline in the back. This will also give a lift to the
buttock area. Scars will be hidden within the bathing suit/underwear.

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck

The best option is lipoabdominoplasty with muscle tightening. It will give you the best result. !!!!!

Stamatis "Stam" Sapountzis, MD
Greece Plastic Surgeon
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Flat Tummy Options

A flat and well-toned abdomen is something many of us strive for through exercise and weight control however sometimes these methods cannot achieve our goals. Even individuals of otherwise normal body weight and proportion can develop an abdomen that protrudes or is loose and sagging. The most common causes of this include heredity, multiple pregnancies, prior surgery, significant fluctuations in weight or congenital spine abnormalities that affect posture. If you desire a tighter, flatter abdomen, then a tummy tuck could be appropriate to help achieve your goals. A tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin, and in some cases, can restore weakened or separated muscles. This creates an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer, often enhancing your body image and confidence.Next step is to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best of Luck.Frederick G. Weniger, MD, FACS, MBAWeniger Plastic Surgery

Frederick G. Weniger, MD, FACS, MBA
Hilton Head Island Plastic Surgeon
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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting and Tummy Tuck

You can do both liposuction and tummy tuck during one procedure if you are medically healthy and a candidate.  Please only see a VASER 4D Contouring physician this type of procedure requires not only fat reduction but also skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and defining. I suggest fat loss first by diet/exercise or bariatric surgery and then plastic surgeon to contour.  Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Tummy tucks fix ugly bellies

You concerns are common.  After having kids, especially more than one, the tummy may not snap back to the pre-baby shape.  A tummy tuck can make a dramatic difference.  In this surgery the loose skin of the belly is removed and the muscles are tightened.  Based on the pictures I would imagine a tummy tuck would give a great improvement.  Make sure you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Best of luck.

Jason E. Leedy, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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What can be done about my belly? (Photo)

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph and I am sorry to hear of your difficulties with losing your stomach fat after your second child.  Based only on your picture you look to be an excellent full tummy tuck and liposuction candidate once your reach your desired goal weight.  This weight should be one where you are comfortable at, and can maintain, as weight fluctuations will affect your long-term results.  Any weight loss before surgery will not only be in your best interest from a safety point of view, but also in obtaining the best cosmetic results. Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Sad mommy tummy

Hi sadsmithI am sorry that you feel so badly.  Let me give you some ideas to help, please don't take what I say in a bad way.If you were in my office I would first determine your BMI after of course, obtaining your complete history.  Then I would examine you appropriately.  Based on that I would make suggestions.Without the above, I would note that you appear to have a few extra pounds on.  It is best to shed these pounds before tummy tuck (which will be needed for best results in your case, health permitting).  Losing weight and KEEPING it off is very tough, so you may be well served by visiting a weight loss doctor who will not just push pills, but really treat you as a whole patient, safely.If your BMI is too high (Google BMI Calculator)/your weight is too high above a healthy weight (say it is recommended that you need to lose say, greater than 50 lbs), you may be best served by visiting a bariatric surgeon.Alternatively, if you are healthy and weight stable, you may consider a lesser operation, a panniculectomy, which just removes skin and fat but doesn't tighten the abdominal wall muscle layers. The results are also not as impressive as those from a tummy tuck, but it is less of a recovery.
Hope this helps, and I hope you take a first step to make yourself happy.

Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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What can be done about my belly?

From your picture, you look like you would be an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck and possibly some liposuction. This will remove the excess skin and tighten the stretched abdominal muscles. Make sure that you are eating well and exercising since your results will improve with more weight loss before surgery.Also, I wonder if you may be experiencing some post partum depression based on your comments. I would recommend that you discuss this with your OB-GYN or family doctor prior to considering the procedure.

Don W. Griffin, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Abdomen After Children

Thank you for your question. Looking at the photo you provided an abdominoplasty with liposuction would be the best choice for you. The next step would be to consult with your local board certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate.

Lisa M. DiFrancesco, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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 you would do great with an abdominoplasty! I would suggest seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area who can do a full examination and tell you all about abdominoplasty. You will love it!
Good luck

Mark T. Boschert, MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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