To Derotate the Nose, Is This Method Always Necessary?

Is it always necessary to use both a spreader extention graft along with a caudal septal extension graft to lengthen a nose? Or is it possible to just use a caudal septal extenstion graft? I have been getting different techniques from surgeons and was wondering your opinion. Thanks a lot.

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Methods used to derotate nose

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Depending upon variables such as the presenting bone and cartilaginous framework of the nose and the skin envelop over the nose, different methods are used.  Extended spreader graft is one method to derotate the nose.  Caudal septal extension grafts can work as well in select patients.  There are other procedures such as performing a full transfixion incision and sliding the caudal septal membranes downward and sewing them in place, as well as removal of the nasal spine and sewing the tip downward.

Lengthening the nose

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Lengthening the nose is an unusual request in rhinoplasty surgery.  Typically it involves a dorsal graft  and possibly a caudal septal graft.  Spreader grafts are used most often with widening the nose.  An individual MD's technique may vary.  Sounds like you have done your homework.  Go with your gut.

Talmage Raien MD FACS

Grafts to Lenghthen the Nose

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The nose can be lengthened by using just caudal extension grafts. After doing this work for over 30 years it has become obvious that every nose presents different problems which are corrected using a combination of different accepted procedures. What you need would be determined after an examination.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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