Why Are There So Many Derms and Non-plastic Surgeons Performing Smart Lipo?

does it mean the procedure is not effective? I have been trying to understand how effective smart lipo is in contrast to regular liposuction. It is difficult to compare MDs as there are so many with different qualifiations performing this procedure. Is smart lipo different in that it does not require a platic surgeon? Please advise

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Smart liposuction

Both conventional and smart liposuction involve the surgeon performing liposuction and the same need exists for the physician to methodically and technically remove the fat, regardless of which procedure is done. One does not just use a laser and pass a wand over the skin with smart lipo. The laser is inserted first after anesthetic is infiltrated, and the laser warms the tissues and helps liquify the fat.  Liposuction is then performed. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists do most of the liposuction but the procedure has been done by other specialties as well. There may have been more interest stimulated in physicians to do liposuction, that had never done liposuction, once they heard that laser was involved.

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