Would Cutting The Dermo Cartilaginous Ligament Give Me The Nose Tip Results I Want?

I m looking for a minimal invasive way to correct my nose tip which sightly drop.I ve been reading that cutting a tissue called dermo cartilaginous ligament would free nose tip and improve the naso labial angle.Is it true?How safe is this procedure?

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Cutting Dermo Cartilagenous Ligament to Correct Tip Droop

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There is no generic answer to your question because there are many different causes for tip drooping, each requiring a different approach to correct the problem. However, cutting the ligament you mention will actually  cause the tip to droop more. It is admirable that you have spent time researching rhinoplasty surgery, but I suggest you consult with experienced rhinoplasty surgeons who have spent years studying and doing this work.  

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There is no simple answer for nasal tip drooping.

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There is no simple answer for nasal tip drooping.  The position of the nasal tip is determined by many factors and each rhinoplasty patient has to be examined carefully to determine the cause of their tip malposition.

Without photos it is not possible to determine what would help you.  It is unlikely that division of the dermo cartilaginous ligament would help raise the tip because without any other intervention the scar tissue created by that procedure would serve only to cause even greater nasal tip drop.

No simple solution to raise the nasal tip

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It is unlikely than a separation or division of this fibrous band would help your condition.  Of course, in order to get a better answer we would need more information such as photograph.   Ideally you will need a personal consultation to determine your best alternatives. 


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The dermo cartilaginous ligament was described by Brazilian surgeons in the 1960s and is the fibrous material they removed via an incision between the tip cartilages and the upper lateral cartilages. It was later found to actually be an aponeurosis connection between the nasal muscles covering the bridge and the tip cartilages rather than a tissue connecting tip cartilage to skin. Its removal therefore would result in more tip drooping rather than less tip drooping.

I hope you realize that this format of posting questions and receiving answers lacks the face to face direct communication required for you to make an informed decision regarding your surgery.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

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Nose tip rotation

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Very good question, but hard to answer without pictures. There are many causes for a tip to be droopy, and the correct diagnosis must be made to implement the right maneuver. There is no one way to rotate the nose.

If you provided photos a more accurate decryption can be given

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