Should I worry about a hard, large, pink bump on my back from where I recently had a mole removed? (Photo)

Almost a year ago I had a large mole removed from my shoulder blade with a scalpel by a dermatologist. For a while the spot was a big divet in my back but since then it has become this pink bump that actually outgrew the size of the original mole. It is hard inside when I press on it and recently it started to feel itchy on occasion, more so if I touch it. What is it? Should I be concerned? Thanks for your input.

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Bump at site of mole removal.

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Looking at the photo, combined with your history, this is almost certainly an hypertrophic scar that has developed at the mole shave excision site. It is important to confirm the original mole's histology with your dermatologist and get them to review this outcome. It is a well recognised risk that such an outcome is possible with any surgery, but more so if you have a history of such scar formation from past surgery or accidents, and on the upper back, chest and shoulder sites in particular. Assuming benign histology, this is nothing to worry about. Hypertrophic scars can improve with: time, silicone gels being applied over months, and the use of topically applied or locally injected steroids. Your dermatologist is the best person to evaluate this area, as they have all the pertinent details to hand, and to give the appropriate advice to you. Good luck!
Dr Mark

Bump After a Biopsy

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This looks like a scar, I would go back to the dermatologist for a different treatment and an evaluation -- to ensure the mole hasnt recurred (as I cannot tell for sure from a photo online).  Scars can happen with any surgical procedure, even after the removal of a small mole.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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