Dermatologist or plastic surgeon for soft fill injection of nose to correct contour deformity?

Title explains it. I am curious as to what the differences are between the two qualifications for such procedure? Both can perform soft tissue fillers but plastic surgeons are also experienced in surgical rhinoplasty. Any insights will be great. Thanks.

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Fillers for nose reshaping

Soft tissue fillers can be used in certain situations to correct deformities of the nose. One of the more common uses is to fill depressions of the nose especially after surgery. Another is augmentation of the dorsum (bridge). There are some deformities of the nose that cannot be corrected by soft tissue fillers.

Careful analysis and evaluation of the deformity requiring correction is key. If the problem is that an area is too small, then fillers can be used to add volume and improve the overall appearance. However, if an area is too large or prominent, then addition of fillers around the area to attempt to mask the prominent area will create a nose that is disproportionately large. In this case, rhinoplasty for reduction of the area is more appropriate and evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon would be more appropriate.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty

It really comes down to the individual physician.  There are both dermatologists and plastic surgeons who are skilled and experienced in non-surgical rhinoplasty, while there are many from both specialties not well-versed in the procedure.  

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