Dermatologists Trained for Lipoma Removal Procedure?

A dermatologist was going to remove a pilar cyst from my scalp that I've had for 25 years. It was getting sensitive and about 3.5 cm large. When he opened it, he discovered it was actually a lipoma. He performed the procedure anyway and I'm wondering if a dermatologist is really trained in this kind of surgery? It took about 40 minutes to get it out. Today is the 2nd day and I'm getting bad headaches. I've had 5 stitches inside and 7 on top.

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Lipoma surgery by dermatologists

Any board-certified dermatologist is qualified to do the procedure. Surgical excision of skin growths and the interpration of their pathology inder the microscope is an integral part of any accredited dermatology residency training program, in USA.

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