Dermatitis or an Infection Post Laser Resurfacing?

I had Palomar Starlux ablative & non-ablative done 16 days ago. On day 2 I had a fever & tiny fast spreading pustules. I was dx with a Staph infection and treated with Bactrim. 4 days post Bactrim I had a reaction and was instructed to discontinue use. Yesterday on day 15 I used a different sunscreen than was recommended (I needed to reapply and didn't have it with me) and I've had a rash (flat/blotchy/pink) and extreme itchiness since then. Dermatitis or infection? Should I call my derm?

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Reaction after ablative resurfacing

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Ablative resurfacing does have risks, including but not limitied to infection and secondary scarring from the infection. You absolutely need to see your treating physician to ensure that you are treating the reaction appropriately.

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