Are Dermal Fillers an Appropriate Option? (photo)

I am a 42 yr old African American female. I have noticed a hollowness, pronounced indentation, reddish discoloration, and a looseness/thinning of the skin in the suborbital area that has progressed during my 2 yrs post menopause. Are restylane dermal fillers a viable option? Is there a contraindication for dermal fillers and the procedure if there is a history of oral steroid dependency/use, hypothyroidism, and sinus disease? I appreciate any insight/recommendations. Thank you

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Yes, restylane can be used to fill in your lower eyelid creases.  I would also suggest a botox product to help the fine lines of the lower eyelid.
There is a contraindication to using fillers on patient who is currently immunosuppressed (steroids), fillers introduce a foreign substance into the body and in your case you are at a increased risk of infection and poor healing.
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