Hitting Nerves Possible During Filler Injection?

Is it possible to hit a nerve when injecting dermal fillers into face? I had a doctor who hit a nerve when performing a dental block, and it was awful, with numbness and swelling for nearly 2 months. If I go without the block next time, am I still at risk for hitting a nerve in the nasolabial folds, tear troughs or lips? Thank you!

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Go Without Dental Block Next Time

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My advice would be to defer the dental block next time. You can have a filler placed in the nasolabial folds and tear troughs without a dental block. The lips are far more sensitive and you should have one, but make sure the physician is made aware of your original problem.

I think this is a matter of bad luck, not poor technique. Fortunately, I have not encountered this problem, but I did have a patient who did, despite having the dental block performed by an excellent and highly regarded plastic surgeon.

Sometimes the nerve itself is inadvertantly struck or the needle enters the tunnel from which the nerve is leaving.

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