Can All Dermal Fillers Be Used on Under Eye Wrinkles?

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Under eye wrinkles

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Fillers around the eye are tricky. Some can cause swelling, sometimes chronic. The reason for this is still unclear. Juvederm appears especially problematic, but Restylane can also cause problems.

Because the eyelid skin is so thin, great finesse and judgment is necessary in this area.

Obviously I would avoid permanent or semipermeanent fillers such as Silicone, ArteFill, Radiesse, Sculptra etc. around the eyes because of the risk of lumpiness which could require surgery to treat..

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Not close to the eye

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More experienced injectors can achieve a nice volumizing enhancement with Radiess in the tear trough region. Others have described nice results with Restylane but in thinner areas there can sometimes be a blue appearance from the filler through thin skin. The bottom line is that if you decide to have this procedure, make sure you chose an appropriately board-certified physician with plenty of experience.

Dr Edwards

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