Which Dermal Filler Would Work Best for Facial Volumizing? (photo)

I'm 39 and weigh 135lbs and physically look fit (5'6 size 5), however, lately I've noticed that my face looks very gauntly/sickly. I'm not sure which filler would have the longest and most natural effect. I've tried gaining weight, but I feel it goes everywhere but my face.

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You are a perfect Sculptra candidate!

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Hi Maria.  Although there often isn't a "best" option, but rather different options for different areas, we immediately thought of Sculptra upon seeing your photo.  Very thin patients like you that have lost a lot of facial volume do best with longer lasting fillers to the cheeks and frame of the face.  Sculptra first and then perhaps some Radiesse and Perlane to follow.  Sculptra is used almost exclusively on the frame and cheeks and Perlane and Radiesse would be used on the cheeks and the lines around the mouth.  Good luck.

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