Can Dermal Filler in the Temple or High Cheek Bone Lift the Corner of the Eye?

The "waterline" of my eyelid is round instead of almond shaped like it use to be. It is exposing the "white part" under my pupil as it never did before. This is apparent as I am very thin and there is sufficient volume loss in the temporal area and the cheek bone. When I pull up in this area, it tightens my lower lid back to normal. Will dermal fillers help this area by raising it enough to notice?

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Treating rounded eye and white scleral show above the lower eyelid

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The usual treatment for a rounded eye opening and scleral (white under the iris) show is a canthopexy or canthoplasty. The lower eyelid hangs from one corner of the eye to the other like a curtain from a curtain rod. If either connection at either corner stretches the lower eyelid curtain will sag downward exposing the white area under the iris. The treatment is to tighten the ligament that connects the lower eyelid to the corner of the eye at the outer bone rim of the eye. That procedure is called a canthoplasty when a suture is introduced to shorten ligament and a canthoplasty when the ligament is cut and replaced by a suture.

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