Raised Nasolabial Lump After Hyaluronic Acid Filler. Should I Massage?

hi, I had dermal filler in my nasolobials 3 weeks ago with hyloronic acid,one side is perfect but the other side is a long raised lump.Ive massaged it every night but its still the same. went to the clinic today and the nurse said its not that noticable and its part of my skin and she has felt the area and said there are no fillers there I can feel both sides but more so on the raised side.Do you think she injected too much and is trying to recover her tracks,will massaging remove it?

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Bumps after dermal filler injection

If massage has not resolved the issue within a week it is unlikely to do so afterward. If this is bothering you and it is the filler you can resolve it by getting a hyaluronidase injection. The enzyme dissolves the hyaluronate filler.

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