Dermabrasion For My Back/Chest/Shoulders? (photo)

I am considering a full dermabrasion for my back and perhaps chest, shoulders. Laser Therapy, Skin Needling, Anything that will render results. I was hit hard. The photos will show proof- I just want my life back- I don't where to go? I'll go anywhere willing to take on my cause- I've been turned away. I want any treatment done- I want to be past this so I can start a new chapter in my life. Any suggestions- Any volunteers, I will pay what ever- I am willing to be filmed? Help

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Dermabrasion For My Back/Chest/Shoulders?

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We understand the dilemma. But you are a potential keloid former so any skin breakage procedure could worsen the already significant scarring that you have. 

Very difficult scarring problem to correct

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I understand your level of distress from your physical deformity.   Your scarring is deep into the dermis and no level of treatment is going to give you any degree of improvement.  Unfortunately the damage is done.  Some consideration could be give to direct excision of the deeper or wider scars but you should not expect a great deal of improvement.  Sorry that I could not offer any good suggestions or alternatives for you.  


Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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