Dermabrasion VS Chemical Peel For Scars?

I want to know, if I were to get a chemical peel or a dermabrasion, spot treatment, could it remove a superficial scar permanently? From my understanding each removes the layer of skin, and new skin forms. I have a 7mm wide scar, it has edges, but isn't indented from what I can tell... on my forehead. Could it be smoothed out or improved, permanently because its not deep in the skin?

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Dermabrasion Vs Chemical Peel For Scars

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Dermabrasion, CO2 laser treatments are very effective for acne scarring.  Dermabrasion is an option if it is an isolated region whereas CO2 may be preferred when the scarring is generalized.  Chemical peels may be an option if the scarring is superficial.  Skin type or color must be evaluated.  It is best to be evaluated and discuss your options with your plastic surgeon.

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Dermabrasion vs. Chemical Peel vs. Scar Revision for Forehead Scar

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Thank you for your question. Without a photo or seeing you in person, it is difficult to say which treatment would be most beneficial. However, you may be describing a "widened" or "spread" scar. These frequently benefit for scar revision, followed by secondary treatments like dermabrasion or peels. There are important considerations, also, in electing to have dermabrasion or chemical peels. These include your degree of skin pigment, amount of sun exposure or damage, and how much down-time you can tolerate. A qualified facial aesthetics expert can help you choose the right plan, which is often a combination therapy. Best of luck!

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