Dermabrasion for Purple Scar?

About a year ago I fell off my bike and scraped my whole nose and it left a big purple scrape on my nose but its not deep its just the top layer of the skin its smooth now since I have been applying Vitamin E and bio oil on it. I really want to get rid of it because its embarrassing.

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Pulsed dye laser for purple and red scars

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Pulsed dye laser will address the purple color that is likely due to a hypervascular state of the scar tissue.

Do not do dermabrasion just to change the scar color

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Dermabrasion is an excellent technique that effectively resurfaces the skin. It can smooth out depressions or uneven surfaces of the skin and can reduce prominent scars as well.

It is not recommended to use dermabrasion just to change the color of your scar. At the location you are describing, dermabrasion could make the scar worse.

Do not do dermabrasion on purple scar

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 I would advise against using dermabrasion because it is my impression it will make it more purple. You may however, want to consider a laser treatment that is targeting the vascular component of your scar.

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