Dermabrasion with Microdermabrasion for Deep and Shallow Scars?

My dermatologist told me that since I have both, deep and shallow scars, he will have to carry out both Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion. What do you have to say about that?

He also said that Fraxel laser treatment doesn't give permanent (mind you not complete removal) removal of scars. He said that you have to keep getting it every 6 months whereas I've heard that it gives permanent change. What about that?

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Dermabrasion vs. Fraxel for acne scars

Your dermatologist has probably been doing dermabrasion for many years for deep acne scarring and therefore recommends it for deep scarring. That said, a series of Fraxel treatments do offer a more precise, less risky treatment for stimulating collagen remodeling in scars with fewer risks of loss of pigmentation and prolonged redness. Our practice (active since 1982) did dermabrasion for 15 years until we replaced it with CO2 laser and later erbium, and then Fraxel--all to help reduce healing time and minimize risks and discomfort.

Yes, Fraxel is a series of treatments rather than a one-time dermabrasion---but it is less painful, has less recovery, fewer risks,in our practice costs less, and the data all show longterm collagen improvement. Improvement from Fraxel doesn't go away after 6 months. Some patients may benefit from ongoing treatment as they age, but there is no clinical data to show only a temporary benefit from Fraxel.

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