Dermabrasion for Ice Pick Scars?

Does Dermabrasion work on ice pick marks on my face?

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Fixing the ice pick scars first then dermabrasion later is the best order.

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Ice pick scars are best treated with punch grafting them first then about 6 weeks later , dermabrading them to blend them into the surrounding skin.

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Dermabrasion for shallow acne scars

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Dermabrasion is a very effective technique to correct some scars, including acne scars. Dermabrasion works by sending down the area around a scar so that the entire surface is on the same level.

For deeper scars, you may also benefit from subcision or possibly filling the area under the scar with a dermal filler. 

Ice pick scars usually require multiple interventions

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It may soften the appearance by 30 % but you may require excision with puch grafting to achieve an optimal outcome. More often than not, you will acheive a mazximum benefit from multiple sessions and numerous intereventions such as excision, grafting, dermabrasion and fillers.

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