Can I derma stamp with a 1.5 mm sized needle while being on epiduo? If not how long do I have to wait before I do?

The scars are indented and have no pigmentation. The derma stamping would mostly be for my scars on my cheek that is 22 yrs old from a dog bite. I had derma stamping done to a scar on my upper lip and it did help significantly. But I would like to do this at home with a less aggressive approach than with an aesthetician.

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Micro-needling while using acne medications

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After micro-needling, the micro-channels that have been created begin to close within 5 minutes so if you wait before applying your acne medications it should be fine. However, to get good results for treatment of facial scars you should get a fairly aggressive micro-needling treatment with 1.5 mm needles which most likely will cause some skin sensitivity for a few days. Because of this, I recommend stopping your acne creams for a few days after the treatment. Also, to get the best results from micro-needling, we use a concentrated human growth factor serum derived from human stem cells to further improve skin healing. We also have our patients apply a growth factor serum at home on a daily basis to give continued improvement as well.

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