How Does Derma Rolling Compare to Chemcial Peels Like TCA and Which Would Be More Effective for Wrinkles?

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TCA Peels and Derma Rolling For Wrinkles

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I have less experience with Derma Rolling as I do with TCA peels for treating fine lines and wrinklking. I can only say, TCA (depending on the strength of TCA, lenth and pressure of application) can dramatically improve wrinkling and sun damage.  If you are willing to have the downtime that comes with a more aggressive TCA peel, you will have excellent results. There may be some benefit to following up a peel with derma rolling, but I would to a TCA peel first. Click on the link below for before and after photos of a TCA 35% peel with a heavy frost. 

Both Derma Rolling and TCA peels are good for the skin.

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If you have the availability to get both done, then do it.  First do the tca peels to get rid of the majority of the sun-damaged skin and then 1-2 months later do the derma rolling with the various solutions to penetrate into the new skin to make it even better.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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