Will I lose feeling in my nipples after the AFT breast augmentation?

My nipples are sensitive now. Will I lose any of the feeling in my nipples from the fat transfer to my breasts?

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Caution re: Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Dear aahood06,Any time an operation is done on the breast that is a possibility though extraordinarily low percentage. Having said that, realize a fat transfer breast augmentation is not at all mainstream yet because of the concern micro calcifications may form which negates the value of future screening mammograms. Keep in mind that 11% of American women will develop breast cancer, so this is a serious consideration. I hope this has been helpful. Robert D. Wilcox, MD

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Will I lose feeling in my nipples after the AFT breast augmentation?

If your breast implants are placed through an inframammary incision (under the breasts) you should not lose any feeling. However, because of the stretch on the nerve in you have a large implant, sensation may go either way: too much or too little for a few weeks. Most of the time feeling stays intact and becomes normal in a few weeks.

Azita Madjidi, MD
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Sensation loss after breast surgery

Hi aahood06
There is always risk of sensation loss after any breast procedure, but in this case, it will be minimal.
Fat transfer is not (yet?) considered safe and effective by The FDA, and is not accepted by plastic surgery societies.  Please investigate this and the surgeon before deciding.

Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
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