I'm eight weeks post-op chin implant but the vertical crease in the right side of my chin I feel is not getting any better?

my doctor is saying he feels the implant is pushing on a nerve. Do you feel that I'm going to have to remove the implant in order for healing to take place?

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Chin implant after 8 weeks

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2 months should be enough time for most of the swelling to subside and tissues to be settled about 80-90% if all else is normal. If your surgeon thinks that the implant may be pushing on the nerve, that needs to be taken seriously. I would not wait any longer. You may not need to have the implant come out altogether, but your surgeon may be able to numb up the area locally in his or her office and move the implant over just a millimeter or 2 so that it will not cause further nerve injury. 

Removal not always necessary for healing

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The healing process can take a few months depending on the person. I would recommend being patient, this does not necessarily mean the implant has to be removed. 
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