Sever bleeding on left breast after lift and implant?

Hi I had a breast lift and augmentation 2 days ago. When leaving the hospital my left breast was bleeding heavily around the nipple. The nurse put about 5 layers of dressing on it. When leaving I was checked by another nurse and it had bled heavily right through. The nurse just put another layer of dressing on top of it and said that's fine, it hasn't bled through this last layer. I'm not due for my dressing to be changed for another 6 days. Do I need to get it changed sooner? I have no fever with it

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As long as there is no more bleeding and no swelling etc and the nipples and areola are pink and healthy then everything is likely to be fine. Bleeding around the areola is common. If you are concerned / the bleeding hasn't stopped / increasing swelling - I would contact your PS and be seen sooner

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