Scars under dressing itchy. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi I'm 11 days po and my scars are itch like crazy. I had a lift with implant and have anchor scars. I still have dressing in. Sometimes I forget and scratch but am really trying not to, sometimes I have to rub. What can I do

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Itching after surgery

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My grandmother always said "itching means its healing".   After 20 years of school including a medicine degree (MD), 6 years of plastic surgery residency, 1 year of additional plastic surgery specialty fellowship training, ABPS board certification, ASPS membership, induction into the American College of Surgeons (FACS),  an academic appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor at FIU, and persistent continuing medical education (CME) – I still have not been able to prove my grandmother wrong.  Itching without redness (erythema) and without drainage is usually common after surgery - as the wounds heal.  It is good to discuss this with your ABPS board certified plastic surgeon after exam.  Itching usually goes away with time.  Sometimes a topical antihistamine or silicone scar cream can help - but alway ask your surgeon first before applying!  

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