When and how can I massage my breasts?

Hi I'm 11 days po and wonder when I can start massaging my breasts? Also how do I do it? I had a breast lift will 295cc implant. Tst over the muscle

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Post breast augmentation care

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This is a question for your surgeon as everyone has different post op instructions and their reasons for them. Contact his or her office, they are your best resource at this time. Best wishes. 
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Massaging after cosmetic breast surgery for a breast lift with implants or augmentation mastopexy

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Massaging after cosmetic breast surgery should be directed by a board certified plastic surgeon.    Many surgeons have different protocols depending on multiple factors.    I will frequently adjust or change the depth and frequency of massage for a variety of reasons including: implant position, any asymmetry, prior history of capsular contracture, any signs of thick scar formation, the type of lift, the quality of the soft tissue envelope, the thickness of the pectoralis muscle, any alteration of the fold position, the appearance of wound healing, history of prior scar formation (good or bad), the clinical appearance of the nipple areolar complex, and whether or not an interlocking Gore-Tex suture was utilized -  to name a few.    All of these are important factors and can play an important role in the decision making process.  With close and frequent follow-up, the massage protocol is appropriately adjusted.  The practice of plastic surgery is not only a science, but an art.    It is important to see a plastic surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.   This operative surgeon should direct the patient, or the masseuse on proper postoperative massage.

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