How long before I can resume normal activities and exercise after a TT?

I had a tummy tuck with Lipo on July 22nd. I developed a large seroma (150cc) on Aug 14th It is healing nicely. It has been 10 days since fluid was removed. I do not see or feel any fluid. My PS is out of the country until Sept 23. I was on restricted activity due to the seroma. How long before I can resume normal activity and exercise? I love soaking in a tub, is a bath ok at this point? Dealing with the seroma was very discouraging. I do not want to due anything they may make it come back.

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Recovery after tummy tuck

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After tummy tuck surgery, I advise the patients to take two weeks off from work. The patients may return to work, but may not engage in any strenuous activity. At two months, the patients start low impact cardio. At three months they can engage in more strenuous physical activity. If anything hurts or causes swelling, we ask them to back off somewhat. If you exercise or do some particular activity that results in pain or swelling you are doing too much for your personal recovery at that time.  Not everyone heals the same.  You need to make sure that you don’t cause more swelling.  Fighting the swelling or working through the pain will certainly backfire. I prefer the patients to stay in town for two weeks if they from more than 2-3 hours away.  I do not allow patients to fly before 2 to 3 weeks at the very minimum.

When can I exercise?

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It is best to ask your plastic surgeon when you can resume certain activities and start working out as she/he knows you best.  Although the 24th seems like a long time away, in the setting of your body healing it is not that long of a time.  My general recommendations for resuming activity after a tummy tuck with or without liposuction is 6 weeks.  That remains my recommendation if a patient has a seroma as long as the seroma has resolved as it should.  I want my patients to get back to their activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible but I also want them to heal from a big surgery so they can get the best result as possible.  The body is going to build up 80% of the strength of the scarring by 6-8 weeks.  This includes the scarring you see on the surface but also includes the scarring occurring underneath the skin.  After 6-8 weeks it is hard to "damage" the results of your surgery by resuming physical activities.  Be sure to resume your activities at a slower pace and gradually work back up to the level you were before.  Again, wait for your plastic surgeon's advice.

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