No Deprojection After Second Rhinoplasty. What Are My Options?

Hi, I had Septorhinoplasty 1 wk ago and as soon as I came round from the operation I noticed the tip of my nose was exactly the same as before. Myself and my surgeon talked in detail about deprojectiong the tip and straightening the septum, I asked him after the op and he said it was swelling, but when i had my first Rhinoplasty the tip more or less stayed the same size after the op as it did 3 months after the op. Can u pls advise as I cannot believe its the same, I am most depressed and upset.

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Tip Projection Unchanged after Revision Rhinoplasty

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Normal, temporary post op swelling 1 week after a revision rhinoplasty may give the illusion that the tip projection has not been decreased. This is the explanation offered by your surgeon who knows exactly what was done during your operation. At this time, relax and be patient.

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Swelling after septorhino

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It is too soon for you to judge. Swelling after a surgery of this magnitude can distort the nose and your final result. Be patient and talk with your surgeon

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
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