Deproject Tip?

Hello, I've been told that I have a parenthesis deformity of the tip with slightly thick skin and would benefit from lateral strut grafts and a small cartilage graft at the tip. I wanted to know whether or not it would be possible to deproject the tip while doing to above procedures? Thanks

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Are reduction of projection, lateral strut grafts and parentheses correction procedures that can be done simultaneously?

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It does look like you have thick skin and definitely have a dorsal hump.  Due to your skin thickness,  I don't think you can get, nor does it look like you need, deprojection of your tip.  You should get the hump brought down.  Repositioning of the lower lateral cartilages and possible strut graft should correct the majority of your tip complaints.  I again would recommend against any deprojection in your case.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Deprojection of tip

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Given your photographs, dorsal hump reduction combined with refinement of the nasal tip would be a nice result.  Cartilage grafting is important to maintain where you set the tip. Deprojection as long as you maintain definition in the tip could also be performed.  Please seek out a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon who can demonstrate numerous before and after photographs of their patient results. 

Jason D. Meier, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Consultation Required for Rhinoplasty

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Without a full profile view, it is not possible to assess your projection. Standard profile reduction of the small hump and conservative trimming of the tip cartilage would be recommended. Depending on the condition of the lateral crura, small cartilage battens may help the indentation seen around the nostrils. However, it is best to consult with an experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon for your care (in person), rather than trying to gather multiple opinions on the internet.  Dr.G

Edward J. Gross, MD
Orlando Facial Plastic Surgeon
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