I have a deprivated septum and tribunates enlargement even I developed bigger upper nose? (photo)

I was hitted by ball 2 years ago. It caused deprivated sembtum. I didnot notice it until it became like the photo. I tried many medications (afrin, nose splint, pills for congestion). They just let me breath from my nose normally but I still have DS and TE. I went to plastic surgeon. He looks at my nose and prescribe steroid pill to calm the swellen. I am really not sure if I can take them. Any advice. Who preforms this kind of surgery if I want to have. I look hideous. Please help.

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ENT/ facial plastic surgeon to perform deviated septum and turbinate surgery

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If you're looking to simply have your deviated septum repaired along with turbinate surgery an ENT/ facial plastic surgeon is your best bet. Any straightening of the outside of the nose could also be performed in the same surgeon

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I have a deprivated septum and tribunates enlargement even I developed bigger upper nose?

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Seek additional IN PERSON opinions from both PSs and ENTs to determine the operative course of action.//

Deviated septum leads to breathing obstruction

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Dear meteb8,

You do not look hideous. Yes, you have some crookedness to your nose that can be fixed. You need to be seen by a plastic surgeon or ENT that can evaluate you and see what is happening with the septum. The main thing to consider is the problems with your breathing that a crooked septum gives you.

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