Is the Depressor Septi Muscle Connected to the Footplates of the Columella Cartilage?

I was wondering if this is true and if so is that part of the depressor septi muscle usually cut during rhinoplasty or jyst a smaller part of the muscle? My doctor cut this muscle and I am trying to figure out why my upper lip dropped and does not move properly.

I can also pull the skin of the upper lip at the base of the nose. It feels like there is absolutly no muscle there at all.I can also pull it totally to the right and the left almost to the nasolabial fold.Its like it is not attached at all

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Depressor septi rhinoplasty question

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Your query is interesting.  The answer depends upon how long it is since your surgery and whether you had anything else done.  The depressors are related to the complex at the base of the nose - the lip muscles, the medial crura of the alar cartilages and the septum and anterior nasal spine.  Separating the depressors from the nasal base is usually a good thing.  It helps correct tension nose, lengthens the lip usually in a positive way, and makes the nose - lip junction look better.  It makes photos of you taken when smiling look better too. 

It does not denervate your lip, so the procedure will not make your lip move oddly or feel floppy.  It does make it feel a little numb just under the nose for a while.  I've never seen it cause a hollow or empty feeling at the top of the lip - the space just fills with scar.

Did you have any other procedures at the same time or previously, and how long since surgery?

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