Can my Round Depressed Scars Be Surgically Cut out and Replaced with a Small Line?

You can see from the picture that I have a lot of minor acne scarring and 2 large round chicken pox depressions. The 2 chicken pox scars are very noticeable and I would like to have them surgically removed. I am aware that I will still have a scar, but a small line or even a smaller scar would be fine with me. Would this procedure work on this type of scarring?

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Removing Scars On The Face

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Acne scars and chicken pox scars can be improved through mutiple treatment options.  Options might include fillers to plump the depression, lasers to smooth the edges or lasers to plump the depression, subscision to release the tethered scar, chemical peels to try to improve the contour, and surgical excsions are all options.  If you decide to go with surgery to excise the scar there are some surgical tricks that can be used to minimize your scar and keep the incision small.  Check with a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon in your area.  Look for one with fellowship training in lasers as well if you want to have all options available. Good luck, you should be able to see some nice improvement.

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Round Depressed Scars Be Surgically Cut out and Replaced with a Small Line

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Yes it is possible and thanks for the photo. You must see in person a plastic surgeon who will explain the risk/benefit ratios for this plan. 

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