Treatment for a Depressed Scar?

A scab around 5mm came off of my face and caused a depressed scar, as seen on the photo. What is the best treatment that can remove such scar? I would also like to know if there's a chance for the scarred area to level out with the rest of the normal skin in about a month without a treatment? Or will it require a surgical treatment?

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Scar Management

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What caused the scar? Was it from a burn or trauma, like a scratch or insect bit? Burns have a deeper injury characteristic and therefore leave more significant scars. It does appear early or fresh from the injury... SO I would recommend keeping the area moist and typically recommend Aquaphor or a petroleum based ointment. Followed by Vit E oil light massage once the scar is about three weeks old.

The scar area should under go contraction and get smaller over the early course and may need a full 10-12 months before it is completely healed. During that time it is very important to protect it from the sun and its damaging UV rays. Therefore, always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30, and I recommend wearing it all the time, even when you are not directly in the sun (it is now available in some make-up).

Lasers and surgical revision should only be considered once it as completely healed (1year).

Good Luck and I hope this helps!

Dr. C

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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