Depressed scar on my cheek after surgical excision (photos)

I had a depressed scar on my cheek which bothered me a lot. I decided to let a doctor excise it, he told me the resulting scar would be flat and would fade over time, he also said at first that the scar might be raised, which was okay by me. This is my scar three weeks after the excision and it's depressed, which is not very much different from the original depressed scar i had. What can i do about this? Please ignore my acne, they are as a result of wearing steri strips for two weeks.

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Red and deep scars on the cheeks

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Indented and atrophic scars can be corrected with non surgical means. Initial treatments include Plato's Scar Serum to cool down the redness and thickness of the adjacent scars and subcision/scar surgery.

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