Depressed! Possible Pollybeak Deformity? (photo)

I'm 28 days post-rhino. Had a big bump removed, bridge narrowed/straightened, tip lifted/refined. I suffered major swelling, which is still going down between my eyes. Soon after the cast was removed I noticed lumps on my bridge on the bottom 2/3 making my profile look beaky. Also noticed lumps under my eyes, the left lump fairly large and hard like bone. The bump on my nose is hard and goes up/down in size with heat and humidity. Is this swelling or pollybeak? Can it be fixed if it is?

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Pollybeak deformity after Rhinoplasty

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Your photos do show moderate swelling on the bridge giving the appearance of pollybeak.  This will improve as your nose heals.  Taping with micropore at night can help speed up the healing.  Also, if persistent then a small amount of steroid injected into the supratip region can reduce this.  You should seek advice from your surgeon if you are still concerned.

Depressed! Possible Pollybeak Deformity?

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The photos do show a "polly beak" but still early in healing. Plan revision after 6 to 9 months. Seek in person opinions


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At 28 days there is often a lot of swelling. It is really too soon to tell what the final result will be. Give it time.

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