Is It Possible to Depigment Skin Completely?

I am a korean female in my 20's and I looking not to lighten my skin to my original skin tone but to depigment my skin completely from head to toe. Almost all of my Korean female friends have a light, pale complexion but I do not have it naturally. I am not pale or "white" but just a little tan naturally. Is it possible to depigment skin completely with laser therapy? For instance,will the Q-switched alexandrite laser irradiation depigment skin? I am well-aware of the risks of complete depigmentation.

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Is It Possible to Depigment Skin Completely

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Thank you for your question. I do not recommend these types of procedure as there is no guarantee you will look even in skin tone.  The risk is that you will have dark spots, white spots, and in-between spots.  There are some areas of the body pigment is lost easily, and others the pigment will just not leave. The other risk of whitening your skin is  that your skin cancer risk will increase.  Skin pigment is not just beautiful, the pigment also protects you from the risk of skin cancer. By trying to depigment your skin to make it look "better", you may actually have a worse outcome. I have patients that constantly wish they had tan skin, and didn't have to resort to artificial means to create the tan look. You have it naturally and that's beautiful. I hope this helps.

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