Not Dependent on Glasses. Is My Vision Stabilized?

I stopped using my eye glasses for extended period of time. During the years I havent seen any changes in my vision. Would my eye considered to by stablized even if I am not dependent on my glasses?

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Dependency on glasses, LASIK, and prescription stabilization

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Stabilization in spectacle prescription is usually determined by comparing a previous prescription with a new prescription rather than the more subjective opinion of the patient regarding their vision.  If you feel comfortable with your vision without glasses and can see well enough to legally perform the tasks that you desire (such as driving), then there is no need for LASIK.

If you still use glasses occasionally and prefer not to or if you feel that your vision could be improved, then LASIK might still be an option for you.


San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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Wear glasses only if you need them

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For those who have adequate vision to fulfill their needs without glasses, there is no reason that wearing glasses is necessary.  There are many people with less than perfect vision who wear no glasses and have no long term harm.  I would caution anyone who drives to make sure that they have enough vision to pass a driver's test without glasses.

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

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