Will microneedling help this type of scarring? (photos)

I've been getting these tiny bumps on my cheeks for about two years and they are leaving scars. Scars are mostly on my cheeks and where my cheeks and chin meet. Fairly shallow scarring. My texture is terrible and it's making me self conscious. Any advice or input would be appreciated as I'm looking for something to correct the issue. I've been leaning towards getting microneedling maybe accompanied by PRP. Help please!

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Microneedling With PRP- Excellent choice for scarring!

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Thank you for your question. You appear to be a great candidate for microneedling with PRP. You may need a series of treatments for best results but you will see results after one treatment. Best of luck!

Microneedling may help

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The scars font appear to be too deep. You have several options from medium level peels like TCA, to microneedling to non ablative laser treatments such as Fraxel. As with any treatment, be sure to consult an experience provider.  Microneedling does have benefit but you may require up to 5 treatments to see a visible improvement.  

Hardik Soni, MD
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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Thank you for your question! Based on your photos and the description of your skin condition, micro-needling would be great for you! Micro-needling is a non-invasive procedure aimed at stimulating the body’s own collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, skin laxity, and scarring. The high speed automated needling motion minimizes pain and discomfort, while evenly improving texture and tone of the skin. Medical-grade micro-needling works much better than any needling/roller procedure done at home because it is able to penetrate deeper into the skin, where collagen production is stimulated. We suggest 3-5 treatments to start seeing great results, and the individual may need additional treatments based on his/her aesthetic needs.  Best, Justin Harper, MD

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