There are so many women who are looking for pubic bone reduction surgery. Why isn't it available?

Is it too dangerous, and if so, why?

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is what you are asking about and it is down... with every tummy tuck and can be done as an isolated procedure.  The bone is not the problem.  Its the amount of tissue that hangs over the pubis (aka mons) and it often requires lifting and debulking.  Most plastic surgeons can do this procedure well so ask around.

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I don't know of any woman who wants their pubic bone reduced

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You are confused. Fullness at the mons pubis is the result of excess fat, not excess bone and is treated by fat removal via liposuction. If you have fullness and sagging, this is usually better addressed with with a monsplasty (mons lift) which involves nipping and tucking of the soft tissues, but certainly not the bone.

Pubic Bone vs Pubic Mons Reduction

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Hello Biju,

There isn't an indication that I know of to reduce the pubic bone, correctly named pubic symphysis, I would need more information to understand the reason for your question and belief that you need to reduce the size of the bone, itself.

Many women are unhappy with the size of their pubic mons, which is the fatty layer that sits on top of the pubic bone and serves as protection. This can easily be reduced and sculpted for a better aesthetic appearance as an in-office procedure under local/tumescent anesthesia.

Best of luck,

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