Tack Up Reversal Possible? (photo)

I've had two breast augmentations. In order to try to correct the appearance of a dent in the top of my left breast my doctor internally tacked up a portion of the bottom of my left breast. The tack job didn't help that much with the dent's appearance so I had a fat graft recently to fix the dent. Unfortunately, the graft's success has made the bottom of my breast look like it is dented. Can a tack job be reversed? If not, could more fat transfer to the bottom of my breast help?

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Breast revision question

Your photos don't really allow for visualization of the area where the breast was tacked up.  It is possible that you had an inferior capsular repair and a resetting of the inframammary crease.  

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Is Tack-Up Reversible?

It is difficult to say without examining you but I suspect that the tack up Is reversible. Seek a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery, as evidenced by membership in The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Ask to see many pre and post op photos and speak with previous patients.

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Fat transfer again?

Hi!! Fat transfer can resolve depresions. Now a days fat transfer is very usefull for revision or correction for breast  deformities.  I think removal of tacks can be more difficult. More pictures will help to assure you a better surgical plan. Thanks for the question!! Dr C 

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Tack Up Reversal Possible

Thank you for your question.  This is a difficult situation in that overall you have a good result and of course perfect is not possible all the time.  Fat grafting may improve the situation but there is always the possibility that other defects may arise.  I think after one more try you should consider stopping.
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