What can be done to regrow hair that has been lost due to hypo-thyroidism?

Problems with hypothyroidism absolutely destroyed my hair, even though my thyroid levels have since stabilized with Synthroid. I have seen two dermatologists about this condition. The first did a scalp biopsy but could not determine the reason for my hair loss. The second shrugged, admitted that Rogaine et al. essentially does nothing (which never helped me) and suggested I try Latisse. I have used Careprost (Bimatoprost) for a few months but haven't yet seen results.

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What can be done to regrow hair that has been lost due to hypo-thyroidism?

In my opinion, photos of your scalp and a more of a described history such as your age, gender, as well as  TSH, T3 T4 levels would be helpful to diagnose your problem. Other values such as ferritin levels, a scalp biopsy, could also give us a better idea of your prognosis for regrowth. For sure continue to use Rogaine; it can only help. Have a complete physical by your physician with all pertinent lab testing.

Also, follow up with the same physician. Do not "doctor hop" and your likely to solve your problem.

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Hair lost

The drug minoxidil work, at time, to grow new hair and is worth trying. If this does not work, there are two other options. (1) the use of scalp micropigmentation if you have a thinning look that you want to treat (see web reference below) of traditional hair transplantation. 

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Hair loss from hypothyroidism

Hair loss from hypothyroidism is an interesting phenomenon. It's not uncommon for hair density to be reduced and not fully return even if the thyroid abnormality is corrected. In some cases there is precipitation of genetic hair loss in those who develop shedding after thyroid abnormalities.  One must always keep in mind the possibility of various other autoimmune conditions in those with autoimmune hypothyroidism. 

So, without seeing your scalp and knowing more, it's hard to say why your hair density is reduced. 

Options to consider are varied and depend on the underlying cause. For those with genetic hair loss, options include hormone blocking medications, minoxidil, low level laser, platelet rich plasma. Hair transplantation is not common in those with reduced density from thyroid problems. 

For those with telogen effluvium, options include low level laser, platelet rich plasma, minoxidil, biotin, various hair and nail supplements, topical estradiol, L-lysine. 

Treatment for other causes are different yet again.

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What can be done to regrow hair that has been lost due to hypo-thyroidism?

Thank you for posting your question. Typically when thyroid levels are off, hyper/hypo, shedding can occur. If all levels are back to baseline, and there is still hairloss, continue using Minoxidil, it can only help.

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