Recovery at home protocol. When should I go back in? Scary things to look for and being smart after surgery (Photo)

I am 26 days out from my full TT, lipo, and muscle repair surgery. I am a rare one and have multiple autoimmune conditions accompanying me on this journey. I went to my endocrinologist yesterday and got full permission and blood work sent over. I am choosing to recover at home after surgery, which my PS is fine. What should bring me back to hospital? Is there anything special I should do at home to help me not have to go back in? I have T1 diabetes, Addison's, and hashimoto's. Planning needed.

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At 26 days post tummy tuck

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you should be on cruise control and well on your way to recovery, even with the co-morbidities you listed.  Your surgeon should have taken the precautions at your surgery which presumably was done since you're home recovering now.  Infection is something you should always be wary of and if your drainage characteristics change, you must let your surgeon know (if that thing on your belly is a drain).  Follow your surgeon instructions on activities and wound care and let him/her guide you through the recovery, which you seem to be doing well.  And if any concerns arise, you should be able to contact your surgeon for further reassurances or management.

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When should I go back to see my physician?

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This is really a question that you need to pose to your Plastic Surgeon to allow them to effectively guide your healing and make sure that everything is proceeding smoothly.  

Sorry I couldn't be of much help but I wish you luck!  

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