Can any one recommend a occular plastic surgeon for cosmetic revisional surgery for lower lid retraction and canthal blunting?

I have canthal blunting and lower lid retraction after cosmetic lower blepharoplasty which involved a tarsal strip canthoplasty, 5mm skin pinch, and fat repositioning. I'm 43. I have been advised that Dr. Robert Goldberg at the Jules Stein Eye Institute is good. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated as this has really caused me great grief. I'm based in Colorado but will travel anywhere. Thank you!!!

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Oculoplastic surgeons

Problems in the lateral canthus can be very difficult to repair, even for oculoplastic surgeons!  Dr. Goldberg is great in L.A.  In Denver, you can call Dr. Michael McCafferty who is well trained and well respected in our field.  

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Revisional eyelid surgery

Dr Goldberg is definitely good. There are also other great oculoplastic surgeons in Los Angeles and around the Country.  Getting multiple consults is beneficial as there is not always one possible answer to a problem.

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There are a number of us in Los Angeles who do this type of work.

Each has a different flavor.  I recommend that you do your homework and consider several consultations if you travel to Los Angeles.  I personally feel that depending on the issue, more robust methods often produce better long results that methods that cut corners.  You really want as few of these reconstructions as possible.  Canthal surgery does not have the power to fix these issues on its own.  Tightening the lower eyelid simply will cause the lower eyelid to end up lower on the eye.  For this reason, the shape of the lower eyelid needs to be controlled and cheek skin needs to be lift up into the lower eyelid to help lengthen the lower eyelid.  Study my website which has a great deal of information on these options.

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