Are orgasms less intense after a Tummy tuck?

I'm 24 days post op of a tummy tuck and was gently intimate with my husband for the first time since the surgery. I have noticed my orgasms aren't as intense as before. My ab muscles would be involved and It seems after the tt and muscle repair, they aren't. Is this a permanent issue or just while I'm healing?

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Are orgasms less intense after a tummy tuck!

Great question...that I have actually never been asked.I have to assume that you may still have some discomfort and may actually be guarding somewhat.  This may potentially lead to less intense of a sexual response.  I wouldn't worry about it for now and just let your body heal.  The procedure itself does nothing to the vagina and so I would be very surprised that it would affect sexual pleasure. I hope that helps!

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Post op

I hope not or I have a bunch of people pretty irritated at me right now.  give it time......................

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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Are orgasms less intense after a Tummy tuck?

You are still very early in your recovery and your body has not completely returned to normal both from a physical muscle function standpoint and from a hormonal standpoint. As you continue to heal, you will probably notice that your physical and emotional sexual responses return to the level they were before the surgery. 

Don W. Griffin, MD
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