Nose examined a 2.5 months - now feel really stuffy and can't breath

Hi there, my nose was examined by another surgeon 2.5 months after my rhinoplasty. He definitely touched my nose hard and pulled on the collumella too which was pretty uncomfortable feeling. I am sure he knows what he's doing but now I feel completed stuffed up whereas a week ago I was breathing quite well. do you think this will cause major issues for me or do you think it's just swelling? Should I address this with the surgeon?

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Stuffy nose after examination

In the healing process after rhinoplasty, it is common to go through a rollercoaster ride with your swelling both on the outside (puffiness) and the inside of your nose (stuffiness). 
Heat, sun, salt, and hard exercise may increase swelling of your nose after it has gone down. Over 6-9 months the overall swelling should become less with fewer flares of puffiness/stuffiness. 

If there are any additional symptoms: redness, pain, fever, drainage, or other concerns, it's always a good idea to see your surgeon for an examination. Safety comes first. 

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

I would recommend following up with your surgeon as your nose heals to ensure the best outcome.

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