Is it normal for my breast incisions to be this raised 10 days post op? Have Bacitracin zinc ointment on them in pics - (photos)

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Breast augmentation

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This is something you should be discussing with your surgeon. Likely, the incision has been raised purposely with deep sutures to take tension off the closure. These almost always flatten out quite nicely over time. You should be following the surgeon's instructions on what to put on the wound.

Raised incisions 10 days post BA

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Thank you for your question. It appears that your wound is healing nicely and the raised portion is holding your incision together and will flatten over the next 3-6 months. This should not be a problem in the future.  Please discuss your concerns with your surgeon and ask if you should continue the ointment. Best of luck

Suture line is raised

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The suture line is significantly raised.
However, this raised area will go down very much over time as the scars mature.
Likely to not be a problem.

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Breast incisions after 10 days

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Dear anniemariee,
It is my guess from your photos that the raised incisions are just from deep sutures that are illing the tissue together and making it rise up. Once they dissolve your incision should flatten out nicely, so don't worry. If you have scabbing on the incisions the ointment is a good idea, but if they are healed it may give you a rash or irritation if you are using it on intact skin. It may be more appropriate for you to start scar care soon. Run this all past your surgeon, and best of luck!

Breast Augmentation Incisions

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Incisions are often closed this way in order to take tension off at the surface and they will soften and flatten over the first few weeks. I recommend that you discuss incision care with your Plastic Surgeon if you have any concerns about healing.

All the best

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