Microneedling damage to skin texture. What is this? (Photo)

Had 4 treatments within a year. Look what it has caused to my previously smooth skin! What is this? Why did this happen to me? How can it be fixed without doing laser? Is it fixable or is the damage done too deep for it to be repaired?

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Crepiness....recommend Ulthera.

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Do you have photographs of yourself in the same exact positioning from before and after? This will help determine if there really has been an increase in the crepiness of your skin. I have not in my experience seen crepey skin as a result of microneedling. Microneedling should have a positive impact on crepey skin as it helps with new collagen production in the skin. 

To improve the crepiness in your neck skin, I would recommend Ultherapy. The Ulthera works beautifully for what we are seeing in your photo. Best to see an experienced dermatologist for a consultation. Best, Dr P

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