Losing weight; how can I reach these goals so I can get my tummy tuck done?

I am getting a tummy tuck in June 2016. The doctor states I have to loose 10-15 pounds before my surgery date. I have tried so many different things and my weight is up and down I cant seem to loose a lot. I am not a couch potato and I do a lot of walking. How can I reach these goals so I can get my tummy tuck done?

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Losing weight; how can I reach these goals so I can get my tummy tuck done?

In my practice I've consistently found that my patients with the greatest success in losing weight have seriously cut back carbs such as sugars,alcohol, bread and pasta.  If with a good diet and exercise regimen you're unable to lose the ten pounds one may need to accept the fact that you will be remaining at that weight and decide whether to proceed.  Forcing weight loss to have surgery and then gaining the weight back if your weight loss is not maintainable, leads to poor results.  If you use sugar in your coffee/tea, eliminating it will probably allow for a three pound weight loss alone.  Good luck and best wishes.

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How to lose weight before a tummy tuck?

HI mherndon,

  you might think about seeing a good internist or family practice physician to rule out any medical problem, such as an under active thyroid or even the beginning of menopause.

If any medical problem is ruled out, I would suggest you see a nutritionist to see what dietary changes you might make to help you along. I would definitely try calorie counting, a visit to Weight Watchers ( portion control), and increase your exercise.

Again, it is important to visit your own doctor or an internist to make sure that you can make safe dietary changes and increase your level of exercise in a healthy and safe way.

Best Wishes,

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Weight Loss before tummy tuck

EASY.  You need the right kind of help, and the absolute conviction that you will lose pounds until your desired weight stares back at you from the scale.  Don't think diet, think weight loss.  Diet follows.  It's more mental than physical.  Our ten to one program shifts human metabolism to burn fat.  Once your energy partitioning prefers fat over carbs as an energy source, your extra weight melts off, as much as you want to lose.

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